Out of the South and into the City

9 Things I learned this Weekend…

1. Make sure all sparkling beverages are secure in the fridge. Especially the alcoholic kind. If they fall out, they will bounce on the floor giving a false sense of hope that everything is ok, then explode all over the place leaving glass all over the floor and cuts on your leg.

2. Improv shows are way more fun when you know someone on stage. Especially when the person you know is the best one up there

3. If you’re going to workout the morning after heavy drinking, do it while you’re still drunk. Warning: bad timing can mean your hangover will hit you mid workout. Make sure there is an emergency exit or a way to get home easily to avoid a miserable situation.

4. I was more memorable on New Years Eve than I originally thought…

5. …It’s never good when a group of strangers say, “We know who you are.”

6. The outside of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment is not on the upper east side, it is in the west village.

7. People who don’t live in New York are still amused by Tinder.

8. There is no such think as too much coffee on a Saturday.

9. Old School is still one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.


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