Out of the South and into the City


New York is not an easy place to live. I consider myself an extremely adaptable person but every now and then, the city gets to me. The worst part, sometimes I don’t even know it’s happening.

This past weekend I went to the hairdresser. Since my parents were in town, I went back to Marie Bove to get an $80 haircut instead of the $30 I usually get. When the hairdresser started examining my head and asking what I wanted done, she also asked if there was a lot of stress in my life. I told her about a few things going on (which I wont get into here) and asked how she could tell. According to her, hair shows everything. I thought it was a little silly but didn’t want to write it off.

When I met my family for dinner, I told them about my damaged hair. They all agreed., I was stressed. They didn’t make this assessment based on my hair either.

I have been telling myself since December that I am going to get back into the healthy habits that I had last year. Now it’s really time to stop SAYING im going to do it and actually do it. That includes blogging 🙂

So here’s how my week has been:

Monday – Wednesday = Juice cleanse

Monday = AM Run, PM Yoga

Tuesday = AM Run, PM Event

Wednesday = AM Yoga, PM Massage

Thursday = AM Yoga, PM Bootcamp

Friday = AM Uplift, PM FUN!

Get ready for the upcoming posts:

Juice Cleanse

Yogaworks trial

Bliss massage review

Uplift experience


One comment on “RENEW!

  1. Mimi Diamond
    June 12, 2013

    Wow- what a great attitude and super schedule!! XO mom

    Sent from my iPhone

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