Out of the South and into the City

Brined and Beautiful

Hey! Remember that blog I used to write? Well, it’s back.

After the storm, things at work got a little crazy. Activities outside of the office were limited and often involved me spending some quality time with my bed.

A relaxing Thanksgiving was exactly what I needed.

I decided to save some money and stay in NYC for the holiday with Bo and Ashley. This pretty much sums up the day…

Bo did a brined turkey this year, something he has wanted to do for ages. It was perfect. Yes, it took some extra time and planning but I promise, it’s worth it.

I’m sure people all over the internet are bragging about their turkey right now but come on, look how crispy that is! It was so good that it didn’t need gravy. I’m not saying I didn’t eat the gravy (o I did), but the turkey would have been good without it too.

If you want to brine your own turkey, the Whole Foods kit makes it very easy but if you want to make your own, there are tons of recipes  I’d love to help Bo experiment with a different brine next year!


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This entry was posted on November 25, 2012 by in Food.
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