Out of the South and into the City


I have survived Frankenstorm.

I’m sure you read the news before reading my blog (especially because it took me a while to reconnect with the world) so I won’t go into too much details about the mess, but here are some pictures that I took this week –

During the Storm (Monday @4pm – East River):

The Aftermath:

This one was taken right outside of my apartment (in front of the flooded gym):

I am lucky. My apartment did not experience any damage even though I am on the East River and on the mezzanine level. My gym was flooded as was the street right outside of my building. I do not have power but I do have water, which is more than some can say.

I have spent the past couple of days migrating uptown for food, showers and internet but I am still sleeping in my own bed.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern, offered shelter and entertained me the past couple of days.

Honestly, this week hasn’t been all that bad. I am only about ten blocks from electricity and since my apartment has water and a gas stove, I am able function.

The only time I was truly scared was Wednesday night. I spent the afternoon in Ashley’s office and then went with her and Bo to Equinox for a yoga class and shower. At around 9:00 p.m. we went our separate ways and I hopped on a bus towards home. It was fine until the bus ventured across 34th street. Suddenly everything around us was black and I realized the only source of light I had was my cell phone. I was going to have to walk from the bus stop to my apartment in the pitch black dark.

Here’s a picture of what my street looked like:

At 23rd street I got off the bus, turned on my flashlight app and began my walk. At first it was fine, there were other people on the sidewalks and they were all smart enough to have flashlights. Just as I was feeling comfortable a figure jumped out from behind a pay phone, BOO! I have never screamed so loud in my life. Turns out it was some kid in a halloween costume…

So that’s my scary Hurricane Sandy story. I know you were expecting more.


One comment on “Frankenstorm

  1. laurpea
    November 2, 2012

    So glad you’re okay Meg, I miss you, can’t wait to get back to normal life

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