Out of the South and into the City

Let’s Go Kubbin

I am already obsessed with Fall in the city. It is mid September and the weather is perfect – cool in the shade and warm in the sun.

Perfect weather like this brings everybody outside for lunch. Today I joined the crowd and found a spot where I could enjoy some people watching with my salad. After a near pigeon attack (and a good laugh with the girl next to me) I noticed a strange game being played nearby.

It’s called Kubb. Heard of it? I certainly had not.

It reminded me of Bocce only players use wooden sticks instead of balls.

The field is set up with six wooden blocks evenly spaced on each side with a larger block in the middle. Players get three tries per turn (or you can play in teams) to knock over the blocks on the other side of the field. After you knock over your opponents blocks, you must knock over the center block.

What a nice break from the office.


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This entry was posted on September 19, 2012 by in Look what I found!.
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