Out of the South and into the City

Building My Bedroom

A week ago, I was moving off of my brother’s couch and into my new apartment.

And this is what my room looked like…

ImageTrust me, this didn’t last long. The next day the Ikea guys came to assemble the furniture (what, you thought I was going to do that myself?) and I was able to start unpacking.

Now, after seven days and a million trips to Bed Bath and Beyond, my room looks like this…


Much better.

The rest of the place is coming together as well, but I at least have a space to work, space to sleep and space to call my own.

One of the first problems I faced was the lack of lighting in my room. To solve that issue, I decided to make a headboard out of christmas lights.


My inspiration came from a DIY headboard that I saw on Pinterest. Even though mine isn’t exactly like the picture, for now I am happy with the way it turned out. Maybe I’ll upgrade later on.

If you have any other apartment projects/inspiration, feel free to send it my way, we are still decorating!


5 comments on “Building My Bedroom

  1. Congrats on the apartment! Glad I met you today. This bedroom space is super cute. I really love that african tapestry.

    • megdiamond
      October 5, 2012

      So glad I met you too! I’m so excited to try some of the places you told me about. Let me know if you ever need someone to go with to try a new restaurant!!

  2. Franklin
    January 22, 2013

    Nice post! I like your idea of using headboard for lighting your room.Thanks to the pinterest.

  3. trish
    November 3, 2013

    Can you give me a link to where you got your headboard lighting from??

    • megdiamond
      November 27, 2013

      I got mine at kmart but any similar store should have them.

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