Out of the South and into the City

Diane von Fabulous

Diane von Furstenberg is amazing. She is funny, light hearted, smart, talented and she has a beautiful accent. It is no wonder she is so successful.

Last night I went to a 92Y event, Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis: Diane von Furstenberg. The audience was filled with beautiful people in beautiful clothes and tons of DVF dresses.

Fern Mallis took the stage and introduced Diane von Furstenberg. They sat down in front of the audience and Mallis guided Furstenberg through the timeline of her life. Unfortunately there were too many stories to tell in one night but she did hit some of the highlights.

Did you know that Diane von Furstenberg’s mother was a Holocaust survivor?

When she was taken, she found a woman who spoke German and decided to stick with her. As the group was being separated, the woman was told to go to the right and Diane’s mother did not wait for instructions. She followed the woman to the right. She was immediately grabbed by one of the guards, whipped in the face and tossed to the left. That guard saved her from the gas chambers.

You never know what moments are going to change your life forever.

As a child, Diane always wanted to be an adult. “I still feel sorry for children,” she said to the crowd. She had the opposite of Peter Pan syndrome, she wanted to be old enough to make her own decisions.

Diane also loves words (she tweets all the time!). She believes that they are very powerful.

“I don’t understand why people say I would die for that,” she said, “you can’t just say that!”

She also loves her children. She told us a story about her son and how he drops her name when he hits on women (who wouldn’t?). When he says that she is his mother, he has basically sealed the deal though Diane is confident that that is not the only reason ladies love him. “He is hot!” she told us.

Though she loves her children, she did not always like them.

“My kids were teenagers and when your kids are teenagers you love them but you don’t like them,” she explained, “So they went to boarding school and I went to Paris.”

Diane von Furstenberg is brilliant and if you don’t believe me check out this video from fashion week – DVF [through glass]. The entire video was shot using the new Google glasses.

So go “feel like a woman, wear a dress” and enjoy your Thursday night!


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