Out of the South and into the City

So Cheesy!

What’s dirtier than the mind of a fourteen year old boy and should be paired with the blood of Christ? Cheese from Bedford Cheese Shop, a new store by Gramercy Park.

The store is filled with cheese, meat, bread and other gourmet goods. If you go, and you should, don’t leave without reading the descriptions on the cheeses. Here are some of my favorites:

Bedford Cheese Shop is a fun place to browse but an even better place to shop. Take your time to try some samples and pick your favorite. Bo and Ashley and I tried about ten before we decided to get these: 

We walked out of the store with these cheeses, a loaf of french bread and a couple of other treats. I was most excited about the fig spread which turned out to be delicious. 

The sweetness of the fig complimented the slight bite in the blue cheese perfectly.

The rest of my weekend has been significantly less cheesy but equally as fun and I am ready for a new week!


One comment on “So Cheesy!

  1. mimi diamond
    August 21, 2012

    looking forward to trying your favs

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