Out of the South and into the City

The Steak for Two for Six Please

Saturday night was a new first for me. I ate Italian food with Italian people. I’m not talking about the Jersey Shore Italians, I mean straight off the boat, speak to you in broken english Italians.

Let me start by explaining the situation…

My friend, and future roommate, Lauren went to college with Lia and Caitlin. Lia lives in New York and Caitlin came into town this weekend to celebrate her engagement. Lia’s boyfriend, Stefano (Italien man #1), and his friend Philippe (Italien man #2) joined us for the celebration.

After a round of champagne at Ballaro, we all headed to Morandi for dinner.

Stefano made the executive decision to order a range of dishes for the table. I was more than willing to let the Italian guy pick out my Italian food and was excited to try a couple of dishes. I did not anticipate the feast that was about to ensue.

We started with:

  • Calamari alla grigla – grilled squid with peppers, capers and olives
  • Frito misto de pesce – fried calamari, shrimp & fish
  • Fave e pecorino – escarole with fava beans, mint & pecorino

Then came the pasta course (yes a whole course dedicated to pasta):

  • Pici al limone – hand-rolled spaghetti with lemon and parmesan
  • Cavatelli alla norma – housemade rolled pasta with eggplant, tomato & ricotta salata
  • A spinach pasta special

Next thing I know, the biggest steak I have ever seen was set on the table.

It was the Bistecca per due – dry aged porterhouse grilled with rosemary, garlic and fried peppers…for two. TWO!? There is no way two people could eat that steak. We split it between six and couldn’t finish it (granted we had already basically eaten an entire meal).

As some of you may know, I am not the biggest steak eater. I enjoy a steak now and then but it’s never something I order for myself. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I ate a steak before last night. This steak was amazing and if I ever find myself back at Morandi I will be ordering it for the table.

Last but not least came the desserts. By that time I could barely put anything else in my mouth but I did have one bite of each dish. My favorite was the Frittelle di ricotta – ricotta fritters with cinnamon sugar & pinenuts. They taste like little donuts.

It was quite a night. We sat outside in the cool, post rain air, ate more than any of our stomachs could hold and listened to stories told in a mix of Italian and broken english. It’s as close to Italy as I’m going to get in a while.

After eating all of that food, I made sure to make time for an extra long workout today. The feast was worth it. As Lauren said, “If I don’t fit into my jeans for the next four days, I’m okay with that.”


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