Out of the South and into the City

Summer Cut

For me, getting a haircut is like enjoying a mini spa day.

I get to lay back, get my hair washed and my scalp rubbed. Then the hairdresser spends a half an hour or so running their fingers through my hair. I walk away with a fresh look and an empty wallet.

The only downside to a hair cut (besides the price) is the fear of the bad haircut. I am one of those fortunate people that has straight, easy hair, so a bad haircut is pretty rare for me. That doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous going to a new place.

A few weeks ago I asked my favorite NYC expert (Ashley) where I should go for a haircut. She recommended Maire Bove. For weeks I told myself I was going to go but for some reason never found the time. Finally, yesterday I happened to walk by on my way home and decided to pop in and see if anyone was available.

It must have been close to closing time because people were clearing out but Dino took me in as a walk-in. I sat down and explained what I wanted, a couple inches off the bottom but long enough to wear in a pony tail with some layers framing my face. Then he took my to the back where he not only washed my hair but gave me one of the best head rubs I have even had. I nearly passed out with my head in that little sink.

Dino did a fantastic job. He took his time and my hair came out exactly how I imagined. It feels so good to have a shorter cut in this summer heat.


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