Out of the South and into the City

Family Fun

One of the best things about living in New York is having my brother and his wife right around the corner.

My brother and I are six years apart. Six years was a pretty big gap when we were growing up. We were always in different phases of our lives. When he turned 16 and got his drivers license, I was about to enter middle school. When I turned 16, he was in college. The age difference was never much of an issue, we were always close, but now we are closer than ever.

The last time I saw my brother this much was ten years ago when we were both living at home. Now I see him at least once a week for Sunday dinners, if not more than that. We are also old enough that the six year age difference is irrelevant (minus the fact that I have no income yet).

I am also spending more time with his wonderful wife, Ashley. Most recently she and I went to see Newsies on broadway. She had purchased tickets a while ago and Bo was stuck at the house working, so I was next in line. Neither Ashley nor I had seen the movie but we both LOVED the play. Jeremy Jordan did a fantastic job playing the lead role of Jack Kelly (doesn’t hurt that he is REALLY cute). They rest of the boys were also wonderful, they were so energetic and lively and the dancing was amazing. Bo really missed out (but I’m glad he did).

Now that I have signed a lease for a New York apartment, I am looking foreword to more time with Bo and Ashley. I’m sure our adventures have only begun.

Ps. Lauren – I’m sure more nights like this are heading your way 🙂


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