Out of the South and into the City

Two Hour Tuesday

When people in this program find out that I wake up every morning and workout before class, they say I am crazy. Then they tell me how they wish they could do the same. My response is always, “It’s all about getting in the habit.”

The first week was tough. I was dragging myself out of bed and struggling to get in a full workout. Now, it’s a lot easier.

This morning I was going to let myself sleep in. I had to be at Open Road Integrated Media for a tour at 10:30 and thought it would be nice to sleep in and save my workout for the afternoon. Last night my alarm was set for 8:30 and I curled up in bed ready for a great night sleep.

At 6:15 a.m. I was awake again. No alarm, just habit. I tried to go back to sleep but at 6:30 accepted that was not going to happen.

Time for a two hour workout! I started off with an outdoor run (something I hadn’t had the chance to do since I’ve been in new York). I jogged towards the Hudson River, enjoyed a quick run around the piers and then headed back to 3rd ave. Then it was down to the gym to finish off my work out with abs, arms and squats.

At 8:30 I was back in my room making breakfast. This morning’s breakfast was a strawberry protein shake made with almond milk, greek yogurt, frozen strawberries and, of course, protein powder.


I’m still trying to get rid of the 48 cups of yogurt that I got (for free) at the Mind over Madness yoga event in Times Square. I have been using the yogurt in my protein shakes so that I don’t get sick of it too quickly.


The shake tasted like strawberry ice cream, it was a great way to start my day!


2 comments on “Two Hour Tuesday

  1. rob
    July 3, 2012

    Awesome, keep it up!

  2. mimi diamond
    July 9, 2012

    sounds delish

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