Out of the South and into the City

The Ole Pen and Paper

As you have seen, there is a star on the main page of my blog. I haven’t really taken the time to explain it because quite frankly it doesn’t have a significant meaning. Sorry if this disappoints you, but it’s just an M in the type monotype sorts.

I have never been thrilled with this logo and seeing how I just designed a logo for a fake magazine, I should have the skills to come up with one for my own blog. Today I started that process.

Usually I take notes on my iPad but today, in a morning frenzy, I left the iPad at home. When class began I had to pull out the old fashion pen and paper. When the last talk was underway I was hungry, tired, and ready to go home. So, to keep my myself occupied, I resorted to doodling.

That’s how my idea for my new logo began. So here is my sketch of an M with an asterisk at the top.


I am going to continue to develop the logo (somehow I still managed to put a star in it even though I still have no idea why) and hopefully will be making some progress soon.


One comment on “The Ole Pen and Paper

  1. mimi diamond
    June 13, 2012

    looks like the M is taking flight!

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