Out of the South and into the City

Bonding Over Bars

Ever since I got to New York I have been in work mode 24/7. Anyone who has spoken to me on the phone has probably noticed that I have turned into a mom, all I want to talk about is my baby and my baby is Alcove magazine.

Even when I’m not in class or sending out resumes, I am networking. Furthermore, I’m still getting to know my classmates. In spite of all this professionalism, I am living in a dorm and I do have roommates.

Last night my roommate and I were working on our projects, chatting a little bit and all of the sudden she said some of the best words a friend can say, “I need chocolate.” We decided to go down to the basement to see what was in the vending machines.

I grabbed my wallet, the keys, and in my giant shirt and ratty pajama pants, made my way down to the subceller. First of all, it is extremely rude that they put the vending machine directly across from the workout room. Luckily, the options are not very tempting. If I’m going to eat chocolate, it has to be dark, and like most vending machines, there are no dark chocolate options in Gramercy Green.

Sarah was also unsatisfied with the options so our adventure continued to Duane Reade.

Every girl understands this quest for chocolate and midnight snacks. My freshman year in Morris hall, the situation was similar. Amelia would suggest a trip to the market, we would throw on a coat and make our way across the street. My sophomore year, Carlye and I only had to walk downstairs. When I moved to Athens, Robin and I would have this conversation and find ourselves in the car going to Kroger at 2am.

Sometimes these food trips are the best way to bond with a roommate. It brings us back to our childhood slumber parties when we bonded with our friends by sharing junk food and telling stories in the middle of the night.


One comment on “Bonding Over Bars

  1. mimi diamond
    June 13, 2012

    well written, engaging and funny!!

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