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S’more Lies

Today my story is not about me. While we were working on our magazine (which is officially called Alcove) Lauren, who is in charge of ad sales, told a fantastic story about the power of Wikipedia.

One day, while Lauren was in law school, her friends discovered that the first recipe for the S’more was written in a Girl Scout publication but it is unknown who created the recipe.

Her friends decided that they were going to see what would happen if they posted a fake name as the creator of the S’more. So, they posted on Wikipedia that Loretta Scott Crew created the recipe during a Girl Scout camping trip.

The post held strong. The name Loretta Scott Crew was even included in the book Hungry Girl by Lisa Lillen in 2009. Lauren’s friend was able to complete the cycle by included Hungry Girl as a source for the Wikipedia post.

Now the post says that the origin is unknown but Loretta Scott Crew is still mentioned on the Wikipedia page for S’more.

I don’t know if this tale has been stretched through the years or how involved Lauren was with the sceme but as far as the internet is concerned, Loretta Scott Crew is real.

Never trust Wikipedia.


2 comments on “S’more Lies

  1. Fram
    February 5, 2013

    I’ve started http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Loretta_Scott_Crew but I have been unable to find any mentions of Loretta Scott Crew without reference to the 2009 book. It would be very helpful if you could join the discussion and indicate where and when the fake entry was created.

    • megdiamond
      February 6, 2013

      This is great! I am so glad people are investigating because I would actually love to know the truth about this as well. I have contacted my friend who told the story and sent her the link to your wikipedia site. I’ll let you know if she has a response!

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